Floater Frames

We started making these frames in response to requests for an elegant and affordable framing option. These work beautifully!
Just drop canvas into the the frame, secure in back with the included L-brackets and screws, and hang!  Your art will "float" in the frame.

We have 4 styles that can be used
with artwork up to 3/4" deep: 1.5" Unfinished, 1.5" Black, 1.5" White, and 1.5" Walnut ;
And additional 3 styles
that can be used with artwork up to 1.5" deep: 2.5" Unfinished, 2.5" Black , and 2.5" White.

All our frames, with the exception of the WALNUT ones, are made out of high-grade, kiln-dried Doug Fir.  The unfinished ones can be left as is or stained or painted to your taste.  Both the BLACK and the WHITE frames have a matte finish. They will keep their lustre for a lifetime.  The WALNUT frames are made out of high-quality, unfinished walnut strips.  With their beautifully muted grain, they impart a warm and organic feel.