Floater Frames

We started making these frames in response to requests for an elegant and affordable framing option. These work beautifully!
Just drop canvas into the the frame, secure in back with the included brackets and screws, and hang!  Your art will "float" in the frame.

artwork up to 3/4" deep: 1.5" deep Unfinished DOUG FIR,   1.5" deep Unfinished MAPLE,   1.5" deep BLACK,   1.25" deep BLACK,   1.25" deep WHITE,  1.5" deep WALNUT , 1.25" deep GOLD,   1.25" deep SILVER, 1.25" deep Black w/ GOLD,   1.25" deep Black w/ SILVER;

artwork up to 1.5" deep2.5" deep Unfinished DOUG FIR2.5" deep Unfinished MAPLE2.5" deep BLACK2" deep BLACK2" deep WHITE, and 2" deep GOLD2" deep SILVER, and 2.5" deep WALNUT , 2" deep GOLD,   2" deep SILVER, 2" deep Black w/ Gold,   2" deep Black w/ Silver;

We have two kinds of black floater frames.  The 1.5 and 2.5 deep ones have one kind of finish, and the 1.25 and the 2 deep ones, another.  The former is slightly more glossy; the wood grain is visible under the paint.  The latter has an eggshell finish; you cant see the wood grain under the paint.

The maple and the fir have the same profile. The main difference between the maple and doug fir is that the maple is lighter in color and less grainy than the fir.  Its also more consistent in appearance from stick to stick. The fir is reddish in color, more grainy, and is more variable in appearance.   The fir is also lighter in weight than the maple;  the maple is a harder wood. The doug fir is more rustic/warmer.  The maple is more muted and slightly heavier.