Panel Frames

Many of our customers want a framing solution for artwork on thin panels (up to 1/2").  Although our floater frames are great for stretched canvas, they don't work with panels, at least not without extra work.  Our shadow box frames are an alternative way to frame panels, but not everyone likes that particular look.  So now we've come up with a new line of frames especially designed for panels

We have 4 colors that can be used
with artwork up to 1/2" deep:  Unfinished Doug Fir, Unfinished Maple, Black, and Walnut.

The unfinished ones can be left as is or stained or painted to your taste.   The BLACK, and WALNUT frames are made out of high-grade, kiln-dried Doug Fir.   The BLACK frames have a matte finish. They will keep their lustre for a lifetime.

To attach your panels to these frames you will need either glue or double-sided tape or velcro circles or tape.  We do not include any hardware.    If you want to use glue, the choice of glue will depend on the material of your panels.  Wood glue should be a good choice for most anything, including paper.  E6000 Adhesive is another good choice.  For foam core and other such lighter materials, we use ATG tape.  You may be able to use other kinds of double-sided tape as well.  Home Depot and Michael’s both sell some strong and thin, two-sided tapes that will work nicely. Finally, some customers report good results with velcro circles and tape you can buy at craft stores.  Some customers are using a product called “Elmers Poster Tack” to attach their panels into the frames.  It’s easy to use and totally re-usable.