We have a limited selection of hanging hardware and gesso, but it's the good stuff and cheap.

Hanging Loops and Wire 3-pack

Sawtooth Hangers 6-pack
Security Hangers 6 pack

Gesso White (1 Gallon)
Gesso Black (1 Gallon)

If you need a different size, prefer heavier canvas, or a fine-texture canvas, please email us at

hawireHanging Loops and Wire 3-pack$16.00
sawtoothSawtooth Hanger 6-pack$14.00
sechangSecurity Hangers - pack of 6$31.00
1001Gesso White (1 Gal.) Acrylic Primer Sizing (out of stock)$51.00
gessoblack1galGesso Black (1 Gal.) Acrylic Primer Sizing$65.00