Canvas-Covered MDF Panels

We have a limited selection of these left.  We are basically liquidating them.

  • Archival Quality
  • Acid-free
  • Multiple Density Board Core, not Cardboard
  • Cotton duck
  • Double Acrylic-titanium priming
  • Ideal for Oil and Acrylic Painting
  • Coloron Brand
  • Superior to Fredrix Red Label in Quality
  • Shrink Wrapped

If you need a different size, prefer heavier canvas, or a fine-texture canvas, please email us at

6p353" x 5" Canvas Panel 6-pack$5.25
12p353" x 5" Canvas Panel 12-pack$10.00
6p454" x 5" Canvas Panel 6-pack$5.50
12p454" x 5" Canvas Panel 12-pack$10.00
6p484" x 8" Canvas Panel 6-pack$5.75
12p484" x 8" Canvas Panels 12-pack$10.50
6p797" x 9" Canvas Panel 6-pack$7.75
12p797" x 9" Canvas Panels12-pack$13.00
6p141814" x 18" Canvas Panels 6-pack$17.00
12p141814" x 18" Canvas Panels 12-pack$28.50
6p153015" x 30" Canvas Panels 6-pack$27.75
12p153015" x 30" Canvas Panels 12-pack$46.25
6p203020" x 30" Canvas Panels 6-pack$38.75
12p203020" x 30" Canvas Panels 12-pack$64.75