OTT-Lite Lamps

OTT-LITE¨ Lighting improves clarity and comfort. Its high contrast, low heat, low glare illumination enhances visual acuity and helps reduce eyestrain.

For centuries, painters mixed mediums and put color to canvas by the illumination of the North light because it is even and natural. Now they use OTT-LITE¨ TrueColorª lamps Ð picture perfect reproductions of natural sunlight. Created with true color rendering, our lighting is famous for reducing glare, illustrating vivid colors of all shades and shedding the ideal light on your masterpiece. Making the OTT-LITE TrueColor lamps every artistÕs favorite tool.

WonÕt distort the actual color of paints Enhanced clarity of details Low heat illumination wonÕt dry paints prematurely Simulates the North light, the best light to create by

Energy-efficient OTT-LITE bulbs and tubes are included with each lamp purchase and rated to last up to 10,000 hours.