Unassembled Sticks of 2" Deep BLACK Floater Frames (1.5" rabbet)

For artwork up to 1.5" deepSame moulding as our assembled floater frames but unassembled
For specifications and photos see pages for assembled frames.

Rather than sell enitre frames, we sell individual sticks in packs of 2.  

To form a single complete frame, you would order TWO 2-packs, for a total of 4 sticks. 

For example, for a 36x48" frame, you'd order a 2-pack of 36" sticks and a 2-pack of 48" sticks. 
To make a 48x48" frame, you'd order two 2-packs of 48" sticks. 

Sticks have dovetail slots and keys.  Assembly is very easy, and the corners come out great. 
See photos below and check out this link for instructions and more info.

2.5" Doug Fir
2.5" Maple 2.5" Walnut 2.5" Black 2" Black
2" White
2" Gold 2" Silver 2" Black w/ Gold 2" Black w/ Silver

If you need a different size, prefer heavier canvas, or a fine-texture canvas, please email us at info@canvasplace.com

udshboxbfrn2424" Stick 2-pack (2" Deep BLACK Floater Frame)$40.80